If you’re looking to build on your experience and are ready for more challenges, better development opportunities and real scope to make a difference, this is the place to be.

Our vision is to become the employer of choice for Qataris and to enable the operation and maintenance of our Facilities to achieve QVC business goals.  This will be demonstrated by employing and developing Qatari staff males & females at all levels and all parts in the organization.

What is Qatarization ?   

Qatarization is the strategic drive towards increasing the number of Qataris in employment in the state of Qatar and it is the identification and development of quality, competent Qatari males and females to assume permanent positions in our organization. Our objective is Quality Qatarization. The preparation of quality Qataris is based on performance, and competence rather than time, and should be balanced with operational requirements to ensure a smooth operation.

At QVC we implement programs to advance progress towards achieving our targets to ensure that 50% of positions are held by Qatari nationals. 

Qatarization requires the support and commitment of experienced Qatari and expatriate staff, at all levels, to develop and train inexperienced Qataris and help them gain valuable on-the-job experience.

Quality Qatarization

Recruiting and retention of qualified and competent Qatari's for permanent positions to support the Business requirements.

We also believe that retention of valuable and experienced expatriates will add a vital role towards ensuring knowledge retention in QVC and will consequently lead to the knowledge transfer to Qataris.