Production Details

Every year, QP supplies 14 million Btu of fuel gas to QVC’s 130 MW power plant.QVC imports 620,000 tpy of solar salt and utilises 220,000 tpy of ethylene (mostly from QAPCO).

QVC Produces:

arrow.png355,000 metric tons/year of VCM (Vinyl Chloride Monomer)
arrow.png180,000 metric tons/year of EDC (Ethylene Dichloride)
arrow.png370,000 metric tons/year of Caustic Soda

The QVC plant comprises of four major units: a chlorine unit producing approximately 370,000 MTPA of Caustic Soda for export and local sales, an EDC unit producing approximately 180,000 MTPA of EDC for export, a VCM unit producing approximately 355,000 MTPA of VCM, and a power unit.