The plant has been designed in accordance with internationally recognized standards based on Best Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive Cost (BATNEEC).

A significant part of the investments have been dedicated to protecting the environment. These include but not limited to:

arrow.png ​Incineration of vents and liquid by-products of the EDC/VCM plant.
arrow.png ​Process water from the Oxychlorination unit are treated in a Biological Waste Water Treatment Unit
arrow.png ​Gas Turbines are equipped with low NOx burners
arrow.png ​No liquid chlorine storage
arrow.png ​Monitoring of stack emissions, ambient air, process wastewater, groundwater, sea water cooling water and sea-bed sediments

Vapor return from storage tanks and loading ships sent to Incineration unit

QVC is operating the plant in accordance with a renewable Consent To Operate (CO) issued by the Qatar Ministry of Environment (MoE). Emissions and discharges are strictly monitored and the data is compiled and reported to the Authorities on a quarterly basis.