QVC is located within the Mesaieed Industrial City (MIC).

Access to MIC is managed and administered by Qatar Petroleum (QP) through strict policies and an access controlled system. All QVC employees are issued an MIC badge which allows for access to and from MIC.

Within QVC itself, there is also an access control system (ACS) which is managed by the RC Department. Employees, contractors and visitors are given access to various points within the plant and buildings depending upon their job requirements and the need for such access.

Apart from having the ACS, security personnel are employed round-the-clock within QVC. Their functions include, but not limited to, manning the plant gates, carrying out vehicle inspections and conducting routine security walks.

QVC shares 3 common access points with QAPCO along the common fenceline between both companies. Access to and from these shared points are governed by strict rules as agreed between both companies.